Placental Pathology Can Reveal Important Information about a Birth Injury

For the past 20 years, attorney Richard A. "Rick" Sandoval has been helping victims of birth injury and their families obtain the compensation they need through honest legal representation. As a placental pathology lawyer, Mr. Sandoval knows where to look for answers as to what caused your child's birth defect. He and his team work with medical experts to discount evidence that is not relevant to your child's brain injury and find important information using placental pathology. Our staff is fully equipped to help get you the answers you need, and we offer free consultations for all clients. Simply call us at (505) 795-7790 or contact us online to discuss your case. 

How Is the Placenta Involved? 

Before we can talk about pathology, it is important to understand the functions of the placenta. The placenta is the transport system for nutrients and oxygen passing from the mother to the fetus, and for carbon dioxide and other waste passing from the fetus to the mother. If this transport system breaks down, such that the blood flow from the mother to the placenta or from the placenta to the fetus brain is disrupted, this can result in irreversible cell damage or cell death. Likewise, the abnormal placental development also may cause cell damage in the fetus.

What Is Placental Pathology?

Placental pathology is the study and diagnosis of diseases through examination of the placenta. Placental pathology is a two-part process. The first step is a manual and visual inspection of the placenta following delivery. This is called a gross examination. The pathologist will note the placenta's weight, shape, size, thickness and color (e.g., Is the placenta tinged dark green with meconium?). As part of the gross examination, the pathologist also will examine the umbilical cord, noting its length (typically, about 57.5 cm) and the number of blood vessels (one vein, two arteries).

The second step in placental pathology is a microscopic examination of tissue samples taken from both sides of the placenta, the maternal side and the fetal side. The pathologist also will examine samples taken from any region of the placenta that has an abnormal appearance.

a pathologist examining the placenta
The pathologist will note the weight, shape, size, thickness, and color of the placenta.

Interpreting the Pathology Results 

The significance of placental pathology remains open to debate in the medical community. Depending on the pathology results, placental abnormalities may be linked to infection, hypoxia, asphyxia or other conditions that may injure the fetus or result in brain damage, cerebral palsy and even death. However, many placental abnormalities can and do appear in pregnancies that culminate in the routine delivery of a healthy baby. Moreover, abnormal pathology findings provide little information as to the date of origin or progress of an infants brain damage or other injuries.

Our Past Experience 

Delaying action could affect your case, and we provide free consultations to help you determine whether you are eligible for compensation.

At the Sandoval Firm, we have proven placental pathology reports may contain false and inaccurate information. In one recent case, we proved the measurements were inaccurate by our locating the pathology technician who was no longer employed by the hospital and moved out of state. She directly contradicted the pathologist who previously testified the measurements included in the report were accurate. Under oath, the former employee conceded they could not be correct and, most importantly, that the pathologist should have noticed the error. Based on our efforts, this case was successfully resolved.

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