Holding Negligent Parties Accountable for Obstetric Malpractice

If your child was injured before or during birth, these injuries may be the result of obstetric malpractice or a medical error. Obstetric malpractice lawyer Richard A. "Rick" Sandoval has been helping victims of negligence achieve the compensation they need for medical care, pain and suffering, and other damages. Our Santa Fe, NM, firm works closely with leading experts and professionals to help establish liability and earn you a favorable outcome in your case. If you or your child has been injured before or during childbirth, we encourage you to schedule your free consultation by calling us at (505) 795-7790 or contacting our team online.

Understanding Obstetric Malpractice

A doctor commits malpractice when he or she provides sub-standard care (below what what would expected of a reasonably competent physician under similar circumstances). In cases of obstetric malpractice, this standard of care applies not only to your obstetrician, but also to any other doctor providing obstetric care, e.g., a family practitioner, as well as any other medical professional involved, from a certified nurse-midwife to the delivery room nurses.

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Obstetric malpractice can occur any time during pregnancy or delivery.

Examples of Obstetric Malpractice 

Obstetric malpractice may occur at any time during pregnancy from the moment your first seek prenatal care, during labor and delivery, and immediately following labor and delivery.

Examples of obstetric malpractice during pregnancy include:

  • Failing to recognize and treat gestational diabetes, preeclampsia or other maternal conditions that put both the mother and the fetus at risk
  • Failing to diagnose and treat viral or bacterial infections in the mother or the fetus
  • Failing to identify risk factors for genetic abnormalities and to conduct screening tests
  • Failing to recognize the signs of premature labor and take reasonable measures to allow the fetus to develop to full-term

Examples of obstetric malpractice during labor and delivery include:

  • Failing to recognize signs of fetal distress and take appropriate action, including, if necessary, emergency delivery of the baby
  • Failing to properly manage complications during delivery, including, e.g., shoulder dystocia, fetal hypoxia or ischemia, a compromised umbilical cord
  • Improper or poorly executed use of forceps or a vacuum extractor to aid in delivery

Signs of Malpractice

You may have grounds to pursue a malpractice claim if:

  • The doctor had you lay on your side so the baby could get oxygen
  • The doctor had to give you oxygen during delivery
  • You noticed a decrease or lack of fetal movement
  • An emergency cesarean section was required after being in labor for many hours
  • Your child had low APGAR scores
  • Your baby did not cry after birth or had a weak cry
  • Your baby was floppy, flaccid, or limp at birth
  • Your baby's color was purple, blue, pale or dusky
  • Your baby had a bruise or hematoma
  • Your baby's head or shoulder was stuck
  • Your baby had a bowel movement or passed meconium during birth
  • The doctor had to use forceps
  • The cord blood gases were low
  • There was seizure activity or infantile spasms or lip smacking
  • Your infant wasn't able to breastfeed
  • Your baby needed to be intubated
  • Your baby was immediately taken away to the nursery or Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, which is also called the NICU or NIC-U

If you or your baby experienced distress during childbirth, contact a lawyer right away. You may be eligible for compensation to cover any associated medical expenses, as well as pain and suffering.

The team at Sandoval Firm has access to some of the top medical experts in the country to get you the honest, accurate, and detailed answers you deserve.

Devastating Consequences

Obstetric malpractice may result in long-term or permanent injuries to the fetus, including brain damage. In extreme cases, it may result in the death of the fetus and/or the mother. A child who is injured as a result of obstetric malpractice may need a lifetime of care from a team of doctors, therapists, rehabilitation specialists, and education specialists.

Let Us Advocate for You

If you suspect that you or your child was harmed as a result of obstetric malpractice, contact a lawyer today. Mr. Sandoval will review the medical records related to your pregnancy, your baby's birth, and the care you and your baby received immediately after delivery. The team at Sandoval Firm have access to some of the best medical experts in the country to get you the honest, accurate, and detailed answers you deserve. If your doctor did not perform up to the standard of care, our team can fight to get you the compensation you deserve. You don't have to live with unanswered questions and suspicions. Take action today. Call Sandoval Firm at (505) 795-7790 or fill out an online contact form to request your free consultation. 

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