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Santa Fe medical malpractice lawyer, Richard "Rick" Sandoval, answers your questions about hypoxic brain injuries at birth

As a Santa Fe medical malpractice lawyer,  Mr. Sandoval has helped many parents seeking justice for their children who have been injured as a result of negligent medical care. One common birth-related injury is cerebral hypoxia (or hypoxic brain injury). To uncover whether negligence or malpractice led to the birth injury of a loved one, contact a hypoxia lawyer who dedicates personalized attention to each client in order to reach highly satisfying outcomes. 

What is cerebral hypoxia?

Hypoxia is a medical term that describes a state of decreased oxygen; cerebral hypoxia occurs as a result of a decreased oxygen supply to the brain, and results in a hypoxic brain injury. (Cerebral ischemia, also known as brain ischemia, is a related condition resulting from insufficient blood flow to the brain which, in turn, leads to a poor oxygen supply.)

What are the common causes of cerebral hypoxia before and during birth?

Think of the placenta as a two-lane highway. Oxygen and nutrients travel in one direction, from the mothers blood to the fetus. Waste, including carbon dioxide, travels in the opposite direction, from the fetus to the mother. In order to run smoothly, the oxygen transport highway needs (1) adequate maternal blood flow, and (2) a sufficient concentration of oxygen in the blood in fetal circulation. Fetal hypoxia (a reduced supply of oxygen reaching the fetus) may occur if, for example, the umbilical cord is compressed or otherwise compromised, or if the transfer of maternal blood to the placenta is reduced or cut-off.

What are some common signs of cerebral hypoxia?

During pregnancy, common signs that the fetus may not getting enough oxygen include:

  • Changes in fetal heart rate patterns;
  • A decrease in fetal movement;
  • Poor growth of the baby in utero (extremely low fetal weight for gestational age).

In addition, if the mother is diagnosed with preeclampsia, hypertension or diabetes, these conditions may increase the risk of hypoxia.

Timing is critical in cases of hypoxia; the longer the fetus deals with a reduced oxygen supply, the more severe the consequences. Consequently, both mother and baby should be monitored during pregnancy and delivery for any signs of fetal distress.

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